5 Benefits of VoIP For Business

Are you looking into a VoIP telephone system for your business? There are numerous VoIP benefits that will revolutionise the way that your business can communicate internally and with customers. In this article, we’re going to go through 5 key benefits of VoIP for business that best demonstrate why a VoIP telephone system is the best system for businesses.

Lower Costs

Any business needs to keep a keen eye on the bottom line. No business wants to spend more than they have to. By moving over to a VoIP telephone system, your business can significantly cut costs while retaining a reliable system.

VoIP plans are usually a fraction of the cost of traditional phone lines. While every business is unique, we have helped businesses to lower their phone bill by more than half with our VoIP system. While you may not reduce your phone bill by 50%, 99% of businesses will save money on their phone bill by moving over to VoIP.

VoIP telephone systems have several add-on features that don’t cost any extra. For example, call management facilities such as auto attendant and call diverts are available at no extra cost with VoIP. To get these features on a traditional telephone system, you would have to pay for them setting up.

Full Portability

While you’ll primarily use your business telephone system in the office, what happens when you’re travelling or you can’t work in the office? A VoIP telephone system will adapt to your requirements and is fully portable, meaning you can use its entire functionality from anywhere.

More businesses than ever are embracing remote working and require a flexible system that employees can use no matter where they are. Your remote team can remain fully productive regardless of where they’re working with VoIP.

Smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and other internet-enabled devices can integrate with a VoIP system. This means your employees can make and receive calls on any internet-enabled device with a microphone and speaker.

Greater Scalability

Given the choice, every business owner would choose a telephone system that will easily grow with their business. VoIP scales with your business, with no extra hardware costs as your grow and require new lines.

As your needs grow, you can add new licences to your VoIP telephone system within a matter of hours. You don’t need a dedicated technician to come install a line for you, which can take days if not weeks. You simply tell your provider you need a new user setting up and they handle the rest.

As your business evolves, you won’t need to invest in a new telephone system. Choose a VoIP telephone system now and you’ll have a scalable solution that meet your requirements forever.

Built-In Redundancy and Call Continuity

As many business owners are aware, a VoIP telephone system will not work if your internet connection drops. This is rightfully cause for concern, because you never know when your internet connection will suddenly drop. Fortunately, most providers have built call continuity and system redundancy features into their VoIP systems. This means your business won’t lose the functionality of your telephone system, even if your internet drops.

There are many ways that you can ensure you don’t miss a call if your internet drops. VoIP telephone systems automatically forward calls to designated numbers or other offices if calls cannot connect to the intended telephone system.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, full telephone system functionality is available on internet-enabled devices with a microphone and a speaker. If your staff have smartphones in the office, they can make and receive calls via a 3G or 4G connection on their phones. No functionality is lost and no calls are missed.

Increased Productivity

VoIP for business is proven to increase the productivity of a workforce. But the question of how VoIP increases productivity isn’t easily answered.

The main reason for increased productivity is the way that VoIP for business streamlines communication. Communication between teams is easier than ever and helping customers is an easier process. For example, if you get a call for a technical issue that you cannot resolve, you can quickly and effectively redirect the call to the right department. The person that picked up the call can then get back to focusing on their work, knowing they’ve effectively dealt with a customer’s problem.

A VoIP telephone system can integrate with your other technologies, such as PCs and mobile phones. This enables your team to work productively no matter where they are. VoIP integrates better with your other technologies than a traditional telephone system, which naturally ensures better communication and greater productivity.