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Is your Leeds business suffering to operate efficiently due to poor internet? We can help, with business internet Leeds. We offer a number of broadband options to Leeds-based businesses, from superfast internet circuits to advanced line of sight wireless internet.

We are based in Gildersome, Morley, which is in the vicinity of Leeds. Optionbox is made up of a team of experienced telecommunications engineers who pride themselves on offering a high-quality internet service to other businesses in Yorkshire.

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    Business Internet Leeds

    Circuits available to Leeds businesses

    There are several business broadband options for Leeds businesses. ADSL is the most widely available, but there are a variety of much faster, more reliable solutions that may be available to your business.


    FFTC stands for fibre to the cabinet. Fibre to the cabinet is a faster internet solution than ADSL, depending on your distance from the roadside cabinet. To make up an FTTC internet circuit, fibre runs from the exchange to the roadside cabinet closest to your property. Copper wire provides connectivity to your property from the roadside cabinet.

    FTTC broadband typically provides your business with significantly higher speeds than ADSL. The main reason for this is the limited distance that data has to travel on slower copper wiring.

    FTTC is an economical method of getting fast internet for your business. Most SMEs acutely know of the expense of installing a full fibre connection directly to their property (which can be covered by a voucher such as DE2’s Connectivity+), so they see FTTC as a suitable compromise if a voucher is unavailable.


    FTTP stands for fibre to the premises. A fibre to the premises internet circuit is an optical fibre lane from the exchange to your premises, with no copper wiring used. As it removes copper from the equation, fibre to the premises will offer your business vastly superior speeds compared to FTTC.

    FTTP is more reliable than any internet circuit utilising copper. With reliability being important for all businesses relying on the internet, investing in FTTP makes good business sense.

    More businesses than ever are reliant on clould solutions such as VoIP and software crucial to business operations. This means a reliable, superfast broadband solution is more important than ever, and that’s exactly what you get with fibre to the cabinet.

    Leased Line

    A leased line is a dedicated business broadband connection offering unparalleled, guaranteed speeds. Rather than sharing your line with all the surrounding businesses, you will have a superfast line solely for the use of your business. If you always require superfast broadband or your business couldn’t operate without access to the internet, you need a leased line.

    Most business broadband solutions are contended, meaning reliability and speeds fluctuate based on factors such as the time of day and the number of people using the internet. Since a leased line is entirely yours and unshared, speeds are stable and don’t depend on factors such as the time of day.

    Leased lines speeds vary greatly, although you choose the speeds you require. You can choose whether you want 50Mbps or 10Gbps (10,000Mbps). Leased line speeds are also symmetrical, which means your line will provide identical data transfer rates whether you are downloading or uploading.


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