Providing superfast line of sight broadband in Yorkshire

If you are searching for line of sight broadband providers, you have come to the right place. We provide superfast, cost-effective line of sight broadband from our main offices in Gildersome, Leeds to other businesses in surrounding areas.

Line of sight broadband, also known as fixed wireless, is a broadband solution offering the benefits of a leased line without having to install a line. A line of sight solution is perfect if installing a line is going to be costly, but you still want superfast internet.

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    Wireless leased lines

    Line of Sight Broadband Providers

    Line of sight broadband advantages

    Installing fibre cabling, which provides superfast internet, can be costly depending on your location. A line of sight solution reduces the costs of installation yet still provides your business with a reliable superfast connection. Here are some of the other advantages of line of sight broadband.

    Uncontended Solution

    A wireless leased line is an uncontended broadband solution. You share your bandwidth with no other business, meaning you are guaranteed the superfast speeds that you are paying for at all times.

    This is a dedicated solution that your business will be able to rely on.

    Assured Superfast Speeds

    We use advanced wireless line of sight technology, transmitting a signal from our dedicated mast to your property to enable connectivity. As we transmit data to your location directly, we can provide you with speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 2Gbps depending on your requirements.

    After a FREE survey, we will be able to advise you on the speeds we can offer your business with our point to point solution. Contact us today to book your FREE survey to find out if line of sight is a viable option for your business.

    Cost-Effective Connection

    The cost of installing a line of sight solution is low, as are ongoing costs. Since this broadband solution is entirely wireless, the costs of establishing the connection are relatively low in comparison to the cost of installing a physical line.

    We provide line of sight internet connections without any 3rd party involvement. This enables us to keep costs low while still offering you a superfast wireless broadband solution.

    Symmetrical Speeds

    With a point to point connection, the speeds available to your business are symmetrical. This means that the download and upload speeds that you achieve will be identical. Symmetrical speeds are ideal for businesses that are downloading and uploading a large amount of data daily.

    Symmetrical speeds can be guaranteed as part of your wireless leased line agreement, ensuring you have the bandwidth you require to effectively operate.

    Line of Sight Broadband Providers

    FREE wireless leased line survey

    If your business is suffering due to poor broadband speeds but installing a physical line will be costly, a point to point connection is the best solution.

    We offer a free wireless leased line survey, which will reveal whether we can provide a wireless broadband connection to your business. As part of the survey, we can ascertain the speeds that we can guarantee for your property.

    If you want to book your free survey now, please contact us and we’ll be in touch to book you in.

    Book your FREE line of sight survey today

    Is poor internet holding back your business? A line of sight solution guarantees superfast speeds without the massive cost of installing fibre lines.

    Book your FREE survey today to find out whether line of sight broadband is available to your business.


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