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Access control is necessary for your Leeds based business. We provide comprehensive access control solutions, from managed access and web-based access control to the classic door readers. Our team of Leeds-based security specialists have years of experience installing state-of-the-art access control systems.

We are approved installers of Paxton and Bell System products. In addition, we have developed our own cost-effective access control solutions that protect your business and its assets. Whether you want renowned solutions from manufacturers such as Paxton or our equally secure, cost-effective option, we have the skills and experience to ensure your property is secure.

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    Access Control Systems Leeds

    What does an access control system comprise?

    We typically make access control solutions for businesses up of multiple elements that all protect your property in different ways. Every comprehensive access control solution is made up of the following.

    Access Control Devices

    Access control devices prevent unapproved individuals from entering your building. Some examples of access control devices are PIN, fob, card and biometric readers. These readers can only be used by individuals who know the PIN or have the fob/card needed to access the door.

    Paxton and Bell System both offer advanced proximity readers and coded access devices. We offer our own solution that secures your property too.

    Video Door Entry Devices

    Video door entry devices enable you to see the person requesting access to your property before you allow them to enter. Video door entry solutions are more secure than a voice-only system, as you can see the person on the other end in addition to hearing them.

    All video door entry solutions have two-way speech, therefore enabling you to communicate with an individual prior to allowing them access. We can install and maintain video door entry systems provided by Paxton and Bell System for your business cost-effectively.

    Visitor Management

    If you have a high number of visitors coming into your buildings, a visitor management system is a must. A visitor management system enables you to pre-authorise guests before they arrive at your building. It issues all visitors with ID badges that allow them to enter specific areas only. An added benefit is the ability to track where visitors are in your building. You can also be notified as visitors enter and leave your property, offering you an eagle eye’s view of everything your guests do.

    A visitor management system can create and print temporary access control passes for visitors. Temporary passes can be customised to allow guests to access certain areas for a limited period of time. A visitor management system allows for real-time modification to access passes, allowing you to enable and disable a visitor’s access to particular areas of your building as you require.

    Access Control Systems Leeds

    Frequently asked access control system questions

    Do you have questions about access control? Here are some frequently asked questions answered by our specialist security team.

    What is access control?

    An access control system allows you to regulate who has access to your building and which parts of your building individuals can access. Access control solutions guarantee greater security for your building, and all solutions act as a deterrence to criminals targeting your business.

    How is electronic access control more secure than physical keys?

    With electronic access control, you have far more control over who can access your building and which areas they can access once inside your property. Through advanced tracking software, you can see who is entering and leaving your building at all times. Unlike with physical keys, you can deactivate cards and fobs; if a card or fob is stolen or lost, you can immediately disable it to prevent uninvited individuals entering your building.

    Is it possible to enable different levels of access?

    It is possible to enable different levels of access with Paxton, Bell System and Optionbox’s own access control system. You can customise the access level of each fob and card individually. For example, you can give your cleaner an access fob which enables them to enter your building but doesn’t allow them to access the office of a director. Access levels are customisable, so you can modify each card and fob individually to only allow access to certain areas.

    Can I still access my building if there is a power cut?

    All the access control systems that we provide have a battery backup. If there is a power cut, this will ensure that you can still enter your building without deterrence. The battery backup in access control solutions will last a substantial period of time, offering you complete peace of mind won’t grind your operation to a halt.
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      Why Choose Electronic Access Control For Your Leeds Business?

      Electronic access control allows you to secure your property and better manage people entering your premises. Here are several advantages of EAC.


      Installing door access solutions isn’t expensive, regardless of the solutions that you choose. As door access solutions never need to be changed in the way that locks do, securing your building can be a whole lot cheaper. Although door access solutions do differ in price depending on the systems that you choose, solutions are still cost-effective.

      Managed In One Place

      All access control systems can be controlled through one application on your computer or mobile device. This means you can set certain doors to be inaccessible at certain times or deactivate a token that is no longer in use easily. It also means you can overview who is accessing where all in one location, such as at your desk.

      Increased Security

      Your security is enhanced when using tokens and other electronic devices instead of keys. Tokens and other access technology can be deactivated and rendered useless if lost or stolen. This means that access into your building will be prevented. Additionally, doors are automatically locked as soon as a door with an access control system is closed.


      Door Entry Systems

      Electronic door entry solutions come in a range of shapes and sizes, all of which allow entry in different ways. Here are a few of the main solutions that could help secure your business.

      Video & Audio

      A visual and audio solution is also cheap yet effective. It allows the person in control of the system to see and hear someone. They can then decide whether to let the person into the building or not.


      An intercommunications device, better known as an intercom, is a standalone voice door entry solution. Intercoms are mounted next to doors, which users wanting entry can press. Intercoms can be connected to a range of devices, such as telephones, where the user can permit or deny entry to the people looking to enter the building or room. There are a range of intercommunication devices available, but a simple system will suffice for most businesses looking for door entry solutions but wanting to keep costs low.

      Audio Only

      Audio only solutions are cheap but effective, with entry only allowed after a person on the receiving end of the audio confirms that the speaker is allowed to enter the building. Audio solutions are ideal for businesses of all sizes or even domestic properties. Available features include built-in proximity sensors and digital keypads.

      Digital Keypad

      This type of solution will allow a person to pass when they type in the correct code. This type of system can be set up in such a way that entrance can be denied after the code has been entered incorrectly a number of times. Additionally, an alarm can be triggered if the code is entered incorrectly consistently. The settings are chosen by the controller of the system.

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