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Optionbox are experts when it comes to the installation and maintenance of comprehensive CCTV solutions. Our team can accurately plan out where CCTV would be best placed at your site and install it professionally and quickly. Our team of security solution experts can also give you wide ranging advice on home and business security, enabling you to best keep your property safe.

Effective CCTV solutions are necessary for protecting your property. They can act as a deterrence to potential criminals, as they are an off-putting presence to anyone who might target your building. Additionally, if someone does target your building, CCTV solutions will catch them in the act and provide you footage that could help the authorities to find the criminals.

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Type of CCTV Cameras

There are a range of CCTV cameras available, all with different uses. Finding the right CCTV camera for your particular requirements is important. Here are the CCTV camera types available.

Dome CCTV Camera

Typically, dome cameras are used indoors. This type of CCTV camera gets its name from its shape, as it is help in a dome-shaped housing.

These housings are used to make CCTV cameras inconspicuous whilst still ensuring that they are visible. Due to the shape of the housing, it is difficult to know with way a camera inside a dome-shaped housing is facing. This is good, as potential criminals won’t know which way the camera is facing to avoid its gaze.

Depending on the model and specifications, some dome cameras are able to move both on command and automatically. This means that one camera can cover a greater area, reducing your costs and the number of cameras needed.

Day & Night Camera

Day and Night CCTV cameras can operate in both normal and badly lit environments, making them perfect for dark offices, warehouses and the like. They can capture clear images and video in a variety of conditions, whether it is light or dark.

This type of camera is one of the best for outdoor surveillance, as it operates effectively throughout the day and night. Light does not have an impact on the quality of the footage captured, which is exactly what you want from an external camera.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras come in a range of shapes and sizes, with specifications and effectiveness differing depending on the types of cameras you choose. This type of camera transmits the images that it captures over a network.

These cameras are typically much easier to install than analogue cameras, as installation typically does not require separate cabling. Images and footage can be sent over long distances in real-time without a separate cable run or power boost, meaning they can be installed flexibly.

If you require cameras installed in areas where it would be difficult to get cables ran to, wireless cameras offer the flexibility that you require.


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Discreet CCTV

Discreet CCTV is exactly what it says on the tin: CCTV cameras that can be placed in discreet areas, so users of a building do not know it exists. This CCTV solution is perfect for capturing high-quality footage of theft, criminal damage and break-ins. Unlike the majority of other solutions, however, it doesn’t act as a deterrence to criminals. These cameras are best for capturing footage of an actual crime taking place.

Discreet CCTV solutions are unlikely to be spotted by criminals. This means they may let down their guard believing that there are no cameras around, allowing the capture of quality footage that could be used in a criminal case to gain a conviction.

High Definition Cameras

High definition cameras are used in a variety of high-risk establishments and usually come with a number of important features. Typically, these are the types of cameras that could be used in banks.

These cameras are suitable for capturing high-quality footage of anyone entering areas and buildings that need to maintain high security. High definition cameras are great for capturing misconduct that might not be seen using standard CCTV cameras, such as subtle actions. Usually, HD cameras come with features such as zooming while still retaining high resolution. This allows for capturing of high clarity footage that could potentially be used should a case be brought before a court.

Sound Recording Cameras

There are a range of CCTV cameras that can record and project sound, which are useful for a variety of environments. Footage with sound captured by CCTV can be very useful for your business if there was ever a break in at your facilities.

Cameras that record sound are typically more useful in an indoor environment, where the quality of the captured audio will be better. Cameras that record sound are not in their own category: the previously mentioned camera types can all come with sound recording features. Additionally, some cameras come with features that allow sound to be broadcasted. You can broadcast yourself in real-time or have pre-set verbal messages, which is good for speaking to people or deterring criminals.

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