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Door entry solutions allow you to control who has access to your building. All businesses have areas that customers and guests aren’t meant to access, demonstrating the need for door entry solutions that ensure only permitted people can enter your facilities.

Whether you have outdated door entry solutions, or you are investing for the first time in entry solutions, Optionbox can help you. We can assess your current setup and ultimately design and install new solutions that will protect your building. We are Paxton and Bell System UK approved installers, meaning we are the ideal choice to install their high-quality products. Optionbox have also developed their own door entry solution that can be installed in your premises at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for Paxton or Bell System UK products.

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Why choose Electronic Access Control?

There are a range of CCTV cameras available, all with different uses. Finding the right CCTV camera for your particular requirements is important. Here are the CCTV camera types available.


Installing door access solutions isn’t expensive, regardless of the solutions that you choose. As door access solutions never need to be changed in the way that locks do, securing your building can be a whole lot cheaper. Although door access solutions do differ in price depending on the systems that you choose, solutions are still cost-effective.

No Keys

It is likely that you have lost a key in the past, majority of the time, no blame can be attributed to the holder of the key. However, losing a key can be significantly detrimental to a business, because it necessitates the replacement of the locks that have been compromised. Most electronic access control solutions require no keys at all.

Increased Security

Your security is enhanced when using tokens and other electronic devices instead of keys. Tokens and other access technology can be deactivated and rendered useless if lost or stolen. This means that access into your building will be prevented. Additionally, doors are automatically locked as soon as a door with an access control system is closed.

Managed in One Place

All access control systems can be controlled through one application on your computer or mobile device. This means you can set certain doors to be inaccessible at certain times or deactivate a token that is no longer in use easily. It also means you can overview who is accessing where all in one location, such as at your desk.


At the moment, you might want to invest in a single door entry solution for your business. In the future, as your business grows or you decide to install new systems, you need something that is scalable. Fortunately, the majority of door entry solutions can be added to easily. They can also be tracked and controlled all in one location.

Ultimate Control

With ultimate control over who can enter your building, when they can enter your building and what parts of your building they can enter. All systems can be controlled in one place easily, ensuring anyone can manage the system successfully without any trouble. Where controlling access is essential, these solutions are necessary.

Door entry solutions

Door Entry Solutions

A lot of businesses are still using keys, but keys are easily lost or stolen. If keys are lost or stolen, the necessary expense of changing locks and buying more keys can be considerable.

Modernising to advanced door entry solutions means that your business would be better protected against all of the threats in the world. After all, every single business regardless of what it does or the size of it has valuable assets that need to be safeguarded.

Find the right solution for your business

Don’t put up with outdated door access systems as you might be sacrificing the security of your business’s facilities. Optionbox have a specialist team of technicians that can talk you through all of your access systems options to ensure you get a system that meets your requirements.

Contact us today to discuss Paxton Solutions, Bell System and our own cost-effective door entry solutions.

Door Entry Card Reader


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Registered Paxton Installer

This puts us in a unique position as we are one of a select few installers chosen by Paxton and we also have the ability to perform installation and maintenance of products without invalidating manufacturer’s guarantee. Here is a small selection of products that we can install:

Net2 Entry Premium Monitor

This is the latest addition to Paxton’s visual door entry range. It comes with a range of features such as free concierge management and two-way video when used with a Net2 Entry Touch panel. There are a wide range of personalisation options available with this fantastic device.

Proximity Readers

You and your employees can use tokens with these devices by holding them closely against the reader. The Proximity Reader will check the permissions of the token holder and either admit them or deny entry. After the token holder has entered, the door will lock again.

Exit Buttons

Exit buttons are used with the Compact, Switch2 and Net2 systems. When the button is pressed, to unlock the doors so people can leave the building in a secure manner without having to unlock or lock doors. Once the door closes, the button will have to be pressed again to leave.


Bell System Solutions

There are a range of CCTV cameras available, all with different uses. Finding the right CCTV camera for your particular requirements is important. Here are the CCTV camera types available.

XL5 Door Entry Telephone

This range of telephones are the most recent models in their audio range. These are contemporary phones that wouldn’t look out of place in an office of any kind. These can be wall mounted as well as desk mounted depending on the requirements of your business.

CSP Series

The CSP series devices combine door entry and coded access to create a system that can be used by people that possess tokens or a code. These systems come with everything you need to start using it right away, including a starter pack of tokens.

Coded Access Systems

These products control entry into a building by means of a digital keypad. These systems can be placed throughout a building to deny access to important or sensitive areas. Codes can be different for different access systems if you do not want all of your employees to have access to every area.

FREE Broadband Review

We’ll review your existing broadband solution for FREE. Contact Optionbox today to book your free review.