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Is your current broadband too slow, unreliable, or simply too expensive? We can help. Optionbox is a UK-based internet provider offering capable yet affordable broadband for small businesses. Our superfast broadband solutions ensure your business has a reliable connection without having to break the bank.

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    Benefits You Will Enjoy with Optionbox

    We specialise in meeting the needs of your business. Do you feel that large business providers do not meet your requirements? We can help. Here are several of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing Optionbox.

    Excellent Customer Service

    Are you sick of dealing with big corporations that don’t pick up the phone? Aren’t we all? Here at Optionbox, we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service to all our customers.

    We have a friendly, UK-based team available to help you out whenever you need us. No matter the issue, give us a call and you’ll speak to a friendly expert quickly. There are no difficult automated systems to navigate – you go straight through to a responsive, knowledgeable person that can help you out immediately.

    Don’t put up with the poor customer service offered by big corporations when you deserve and need so much better.

    Broadband You Can Rely On

    Most businesses rely on their broadband connection to operate. If your business relies on your broadband, what do you do when it goes down?

    Here at Optionbox, we pride ourselves on offering reliable, superfast broadband. Our solutions are robust, and we will work closely with your business to ensure your setup is as resilient as possible. In the unlikely situation of broadband issues, you know you will have our friendly technicians on hand to rapidly get you back online.

    Cost-Effective Options

    We offer a wide variety of broadband options for small businesses, ranging from ADSL to FTTP. No matter which broadband you choose, you know that you’re getting a dependable and cost-effective solution.

    Compared to many UK broadband providers, our packages are very cost-effective. You can find out how much our broadband solutions would cost you with a free, no-obligation quote. Simply contact us today by phoning 0333 200 4680 or emailing

    If you are tired of paying too much for a poor service, we can help. We’re able to provide a reliable connection at a great price every time.

    Free, No-Obligation Broadband Quote

    Want a FREE, no-obligation broadband quote? Contact our team today by filling in the form below and see how much we can save you on your broadband!


      Types of Broadband for Small Businesses

      We offer several types of cost-effective and reliable broadband that are suitable for small businesses.

      Read on to see which types of business broadband are most popular and the advantages of each.


      ADSL is a basic type of business broadband. It is one of the cheapest broadband options available, but it can meet the requirements of small businesses. If you use the internet lightly on a daily basis, ADSL could be the ideal option for you.

      ADSL uses the same line that provides your landline phone service. Broadband service runs over the top of the existing line to provide data services to your business. ADSL is available to more than 99% of the UK population. It’s very likely that ADSL is available to your business.

      Why choose ADSL?


      ADSL is probably the cheapest type of business broadband, making it suitable if you need broadband for your business on a budget. If you work alone or as part of a small team, or you only use the internet lightly, ADSL is a cost-effective option.

      Widely Available

      ADSL is available to 99% of properties in the UK, so it’s highly likely this type of connection is available to your business. If you have a copper telephone line into your property, the infrastructure is in place to provide your business with this type of broadband.

      Uses Existing Infrastructure

      Some types of business broadband require the installation of new lines. For example, if you want a leased line, a new line would have to be installed which is time-consuming and expensive. With ADSL, no new line is needed as long as you already have a telephone line into your property.


      FTTC is a capable option available to UK businesses. It is widely available and generally a cost-effective solution. Although FTTC speeds will vary based primarily on your distance from the roadside cabinet, an FTTC circuit offers speeds of up to 80Mbps.

      FTTC combines fibre and copper lines to provide connectivity. As with ADSL, the landline connects the roadside cabinet and your building. However, data is carried over fibre cables from the exchange to the roadside cabinet. This usually ensures much faster speeds than those available with ADSL.

      Why choose FTTC?

      Faster than ADSL

      Fibre to the cabinet is significantly faster than an asymmetric digital subscriber line solution. While ADSL can expect down speeds of up to 16Mbps in most cases, FTTC users can expect down speeds of 80Mbps. The difference is undeniable and important for businesses that are uploading and downloading semi-regularly.


      Despite providing much higher speeds than an ADSL connection, FTTC internet circuits do not cost much more. FTTC also uses the existing copper lines to connect your property and the roadside cabinet. Fibre and copper cabling is usually already installed, meaning there are few installation costs that you need to consider.

      Carried Primarily Over Fibre

      With an FTTC internet circuit, data from the exchange is carried on fibre optic cables. Data is carried to the roadside cabinet on optical fibre cabling and then transmitted over copper cables into your business premises. Since FTTC just has a copper ‘last mile’, this means speeds can be far superior to those you’d get with ADSL broadband.


      FTTP is a superfast solution available to some UK businesses. It’s one of the fastest and most reliable types of broadband available, and most FTTP packages include service level agreements guaranteeing good speeds and uptime. An FTTP service offers speeds of up to 1Gbps.

      FTTP is a full-fibre connection, with fibre optic cables from the exchange straight to your property. This ensures brilliant speeds and reliability, as fibre optic cables aren’t impacted by electromagnetic interference. The main downside of FTTP is availability. FTTP availability is limited, so it might not be installed in your area as of yet. Fortunately, there are vouchers available that could cover installation costs. You can find out more about those vouchers here.

      Why choose FTTP?

      Excellent Speeds

      With an FTTP internet circuit, speeds of up to 1Gbps down and 200Mbps up can be achieved. These speeds are far superior to options such as FTTC and If your business is regularly uploading and downloading files, this internet circuit could meet your requirements.

      Fix Time Guarantees

      Fibre to the premises is one of a few truly business-grade internet circuits. Some businesses that choose this circuit will rely on the business to operate, which is why the few SLAs in place are so important. For example, if your fibre connection suddenly stops operating, service level agreements guarantee that there will be a fix within a certain amount of time; if not, you could be entitled to compensation.

      Increased Durability

      Fibre optic cabling is durable and not susceptible to damage. Because of these advantages, there’ll be less downtime due to a lower need for repairs and maintenance. Additionally, fibre cabling is resistant to electromagnetic interference. This means FTTP connections are much more reliable and offer a greater uptime than either ADSL or FTTC.

      Free, No-Obligation Broadband Quote

      Want a FREE, no-obligation broadband quote? Contact our team today by filling in the form below and see how much we can save you on your broadband!


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