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    VoIP Phone System for Small Business

    Cost-Effective, Scalable and Flexible Telephony

    Is your current phone system letting your business down? Is your current system too expensive for what you get? With our cloud-based VoIP phone system for small business, you can reduce costs whilst getting way more features and a future-proof hosted solution.

    Our VoIP phone system offers greater flexibility and scalability to growing businesses than other options. With our solution, you can answer phone calls no matter where you are: at your desk, or on the go with your tablet, laptop and mobile. Not only that, but you can log into the system portal at any time, where you’ll be able to fully manage your advanced telephone system at any time.

    Benefits You’ll Enjoy with Our Cloud-Based VoIP System

    Here are several benefits that you’ll enjoy with our advanced VoIP phone system.

    A Multitude of Call Management Features

    VoIP systems have all the features that make a traditional phone system good – and much more! Do you struggle to manage calls on your current phone system? You won’t struggle anymore with a VoIP solution. Cloud-based VoIP telephone systems have a multitude of call management features that make managing calls easier than ever.

    Great features like call forwarding, call transfers, conference calling, hunt groups, and call queue groups are just a small selection of the features available to VoIP users. These features ensure you can offer a good customer experience every single time, whilst easing the strain on your team. And if you’re ever out of the office, you’ll never miss an important call again with easy-to-activate call diverting!

    Easy System Management

    Logging into and managing your VoIP system is easy – and you can do it anywhere you have an internet connection! If you want complete control over your telephone system, VoIP is perfect since you can log in and make changes without needing a telephone technician’s help. Gone are the days of paying a fortune for an engineer to come and make basic changes to your system.

    Sign up for a VoIP telephone system with Optionbox and you and your staff will get free, personalised training on using and managing your VoIP system. And if you ever need our help with any changes, free remote support and maintenance is included!

    Lower Upfront and Ongoing Costs

    Setting up a traditional telephone system is expensive. Typically, there are large upfront hardware costs, with actual hardware fitted and maintained on your premises. Since VoIP telephone systems are hosted in the cloud, all you need are handsets and a router onsite. Can you afford to splurge on hardware upfront? You don’t need to with VoIP.

    The ongoing costs of a cloud-hosted VoIP telephone system are also lower than a traditional telephone system. You don’t need to worry about maintenance and upgrade costs with VoIP systems, because that’s all dealt with in the cloud. That means no extra cost for your business.

    Future-Proof and Scalable

    As your business grows, your VoIP telephone system will grow with you. Adding new users to your system is as simple as adding a new licence and getting a new handset delivered. And as you require new features, you can instantly add them to your system. With VoIP, you’re only ever paying for what you need, meaning you can keep costs down until you need more users and features.

    Our VoIP telephone system is constantly improving, as new features develop, and existing features are further refined. Improvements to our cloud-based offerings incur no extra cost to you, so you’ll have a constantly improving telephone system for your business that you’ll never need to move away from.

    Exceptional Support from Our UK-Based Team

    If you ever need support with your VoIP telephone system, you can contact our friendly UK-based team. We have a team of VoIP technicians waiting to talk to you and help you with any issues that you encounter. Whether you need a divert setting up or help with something more technical, we’re only on the other end of the phone and we’re always happy to help you.
    Telephone System

    Why Choose Optionbox?

    We pride ourselves on offering reliable, cost-effective solutions with high-quality, friendly support whenever you need it. Here’s why you should choose us.

    The Personal Touch

    You don’t get the personal touch with the big corporations in the telecom industry; you get a one-size-fits-all VoIP solution that might not work for your business. With Optionbox, you get the personal touch that you really want. We’ll get to know your business, discover the challenges your business faces, and help you overcome them with our customisable VoIP telephone system.

    Our Experienced Team

    Here at Optionbox, we have a team of VoIP experts offering full regional coverage. Our team is made up of specialists who know virtually all there is to know about VoIP, so we can offer you the reliable support that your business needs.

    Whenever you speak to one of our team, you can rest assured you’re speaking to an expert who can quickly and effectively help you.

    Free Support

    Our support is bundled in with your licences, so there won’t be any support charges when you need our assistance. Simply call us, speak to one of our helpful experts, and don’t worry about anything telephone system-related again!

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      Key call management features

      You can fully manage a cloud-based telephone system using our management portal.

      Here are several of the key call management features included with all our VoIP telephone systems.

      1- or 2-Digit Dialling

      1- or 2-digit dialling makes calling numbers that you need to call on a regular basis really easy.

      1-digit dialling allows users to enter one of eight numbers to call an assigned number. For example, you could assign the number 2 to your accountant in another office. By dialling 2# on your phone, your call would go straight to them without the need to remember a long number.

      2-digit dialling enables VoIP handset users to dial two digits to call up to 73 numbers that they regularly call. Remembering the numbers of 73 phones is impractical at best, but you only have to remember their two-digit code with 2-digit dialling.

      Automatic Call Back

      Automatic Call Back is a great feature for internal use. If you call another Horizon user within your company that is currently using the phone, automatic call back will notify you when their phone call is over.

      When you try to phone someone within your organisation that uses Horizon when they are on the phone, you will here a message. The message will tell you to press 1 if you would like to be alerted when the line is free. Once the line is available, your phone will ring, and you will be connected immediately to the person you tried to phone.

      Call Notify by Email

      Call Notify by Email is a feature that triggers an email to an assigned email address if a call meets a series of criterion that you have set out. For example, if you receive a call from a caller ID that you urgently need to speak to, you can set up a criteria that means you get an email when that caller ID is used to ring your phone or office.

      A criteria set is based on incoming calling identity, time of day and day of week. If needed, multiple criteria sets can be defined.

      Call Recording

      The Horizon call recording feature gives you the ability to record all your calls, with the option to record just inbound or outbound calls or both.

      Call recording is an option for entire hunt groups or specific handsets depending on your requirements. Whether you want to record every call, a percentage of calls or you want on demand call recording, there are a range of options available.

      Call recording features can be managed on both handsets and through the online management system.

      Do Not Disturb

      This feature allows users to set their phone to DND. If someone tries to call the phone, they will be given a message that the user is busy or unavailable. The message recited to the caller can be customised as required.

      In most cases, Do Not Disturb can be activated directly on the handset, so users can activate and deactivate the feature without having to use the web interface.


      One or multiple schedules can be set up in Horizon for certain features to behave in certain ways during particular parts of the day.

      Schedules can be useful in numerous ways. For example, you could schedule phones to go straight to voicemail outside of business hours.

      Schedules offer a better caller experience, especially in the case of scheduling phones to go straight to voicemail outside of operating hours. A message can be created that tells callers you’re not available and why you’re not available. Find out more about the advantages of schedules.

      Call Forwarding

      The Horizon call forwarding feature is essentially what it says on the tin: a feature that allows you to forward incoming calls to a number of your choice. Alternatively, calls can be forwarded to a voicemail message inbox.

      Users are able to configure the call forwarding feature by dialling a feature access code or using the online management platform.

      The call forwarding feature is great in a number of scenarios. For example, if you know that you are going to be out of the office all day, calls to your office phone can be redirected to your mobile. This way, you don’t miss calls from existing or potential customers.

      Anonymous Call Rejection

      If you get a lot of calls from unscrupulous parties restricting their caller ID, anonymous call rejection is useful.

      Anonymous call rejection enables handset users to reject calls from callers with restricted caller IDs. While callers restricting their ID are notified that the user (you) is not accepting calls, your phone will not ring, and you will see no indication that a call has been attempted.

      Call Queue Groups

      A call queue group is essentially a hunt group that has the ability to queue calls if all users in the group are busy. This feature allows you to queue calls so that you don’t miss them. This is a benefit because you won’t be missing out on potential custom by missing phone calls.

      Call queue groups have customisable features such as welcome messages and hold music. With the right messages and music, you can keep your customers engaged and happy while they wait to speak to one of your team.

      Call Transfer

      Call transfer is a feature that makes transferring calls easy and manageable.

      The call transfer feature gives you multiple options when transferring a call. For example, if the person that you are transferring a call to is unable to speak to the caller for whatever reason, the call can be redirected to your handset. This means a good experience for your customers as they get responses immediately and can speak to the right person on one phone call, instead of having to call time and time again.

      Hunt Groups

      Instead of every phone in the office ringing when someone calls your business’s number, hunt groups can be established to route calls to the right department or individual immediately.

      There are multiple types of customisable hunt groups. A few examples are:

      • Circular: This type sends calls to users ordered in a list. For example, call is sent from person A, then to person B and so on. After a call has been answered, the next call will be answered by the person following the person who first answered.
      • Regular: A regular hunt group sends the incoming call to the next available user in the hunt group. When a new call is delivered, the hunt group will refresh and restart with the first member again.
      • Simultaneous: A popular choice, a simultaneous hunt group will send a call to all users at the same time. This allows any member of the hunt group to pick up the phone. Once the phone has been picked up by a user, the phones of other users in the group will stop ringing.
      • Uniform: This option sends the call to the user in the group that hasn’t answered a call for the longest period. For example, someone who last answered a call an hour ago will receive the call instead of the user that answered one 15 minutes ago.

      Setting up a hunt group is possible through the online interface. You can have a range of hunt groups, and it is possible to include users in more than one group or type of group. If you wish to find out more about hunt groups, please visit our dedicated page.

      Remote Office

      Remote office is a feature that allows a Horizon user to use any phone as their Horizon phone. This means that they won’t need to pay locally for calls – great for when you are out of the country – and their Horizon number will be displayed on all outgoing calls, regardless of whether the user is calling from their mobile or not.

      Remote office can be activated and deactivated as required. If you know that you are going to be away from your physical office for a few weeks but wish to remain active with your Horizon number, using this feature would be of massive benefit.

      Are these features available to me?

      Yes – the host of features mentioned above (and more) are available to you when you choose a VoIP system with us that is managed through cloud-based call management software. The benefits to businesses of all sizes are clear.

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