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Types of CCTV Camera

Protecting your business with CCTV cameras is of utmost importance. With so many types of CCTV camera available, it can be extremely difficult to choose which CCTV cameras are right for your business.

These are the 4 most popular CCTV cameras available:

  • Bullet CCTV Cameras
  • Dome CCTV Cameras
  • Infrared Night Vision CCTV Cameras
  • IP CCTV Cameras

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    CCTV Camera Types: Which cameras are right for your business?

    Want to know which types of CCTV camera you need for your property? We’ve detailed the most popular CCTV cameras here, so you can ensure you pick the perfect cameras immediately.

    Bullet CCTV Cameras

    Bullet CCTV cameras are ideal for observing long distances and are usually installed outdoors. Because of their use outdoors, bullet cameras are held in protective casings designed to withstand the elements. Their casings are resistant to water, dust and dirt, ensuring the camera itself doesn’t have to endure the natural elements.

    Bullet CCTV cameras are highly visible and act as a deterrent as their appearance is distinctive. They can be used to good effect in a range of industries, as they provide high quality images and can be used for outside operation.

    Dome CCTV Cameras

    Dome CCTV cameras are held in a dome-shaped casing, which is where this CCTV camera gets its name from. Dome CCTV cameras are used both internally and externally and act as a deterrence to criminals. The shape of a dome CCTV camera acts as a major dissuasion as the shape makes it difficult for anyone looking to tell which way the camera is facing.

    Dome CCTV cameras are discreet, making them easy to fit anywhere on your property, inside or out. Most dome CCTV cameras offer 360-degree rotation, making observing all directions straightforward.

    Infrared Night Vision CCTV Cameras

    This type of camera requires no explanation. Infrared night vision CCTV cameras are designed to operate optimally in pitch black conditions. Infrared cameras are advanced technology and therefore cost more than the average CCTV camera, but the footage recorded is always of unparalleled quality. If recording footage constantly no matter the time of day is of utmost importance to your business, it is vital that you have infrared night vision CCTV cameras installed.

    Advanced infrared LED technology is designed to enable recording in pitch black environments. Infrared night vision cameras can record high quality footage in light environments too, so they are perfect for an environment that needs to be monitored when both lit and unlit.

    IP CCTV Cameras

    If you need to monitor your cameras no matter where you are in the world, IP CCTV cameras are the only choice. IP cameras record and share live footage over the internet, meaning you can access a live feed even when you are on the other side of the world.

    You can also access recorded footage from anywhere around the world, depending on where you store recordings. Usually, the footage is stored on a highly secure online platform accessible via a phone, PC, tablet or laptop. If you are often away from your premises, IP cameras can help you guarantee your property is secure regardless.

    Infographic: Which CCTV cameras suit your business best?

    The infographic below has all the information you need to select the right CCTV cameras for your business. If you require any further advice, please contact us. We’re happy to arrange a free, no-obligation chat to help you purchase the right CCTV cameras for your business.

    CCTV Camera infographic

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