Standard, cost-effective broadband solution

Here at Optionbox, we can install and maintain an ADSL connection for your business. If you want a standard, cost-effective broadband solution that will offer your business a simple internet connection, ADSL could be a suitable option.

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    What is ADSL?

    ADSL is the abbreviation of asymmetric digital subscriber line. It is an internet circuit that utilises existing telephone lines to provide your business with internet connectivity.

    If you have an existing phone line, the installation of ADSL is typically possible. ADSL is centred upon microfilters which separate the two frequencies required for internet connectivity and phone calls. Previously, people would have to unplug their phone line if they wanted to use the internet; due to technology advancements in years gone by, this is no longer necessary.


    Typical ADSL is no longer meeting the requirements of some businesses for a range of reasons. The main reason is of course speed.

    Due to different software and hardware used, an ADSL2+ connection can provide superior speeds to a standard ADSL circuit. You can enjoy speeds of up to three times that of a standard ADSL solution with an ADSL2+ connection, making it a good option if you don’t want to upgrade to a superior internet circuit.

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    Should you choose ADSL?

    Is ADSL the right option for your business?


    ADSL is probably the cheapest internet circuit, making it suitable if you need broadband for your business on a budget. If you work alone or you have a small number of employees, the price of ADSL makes it a worthy option.

    Available in most areas

    While ADSL is far from the best internet circuit, it is available in virtually every area. You would have to be based in an extremely remote location to not have access to an ADSL connection. All areas that have a copper telephone line have everything that they need for an asymmetric digital subscriber line connection.

    Uses existing lines

    Some internet connections require the installation of additional line before a connection to the exchange can be created. This often involves significant costs for your business, which can price you out of getting the right internet circuit for you. A big advantage of ADSL is that if you have an existing telephone line, an internet connection can be established for your business.


    Is ADSL the right choice?

    ADSL possibly won’t be the best choice for your business. Here are a selection of reasons that you should look at other circuits.

    Poor speeds

    As ADSL and ADSL2+ connections rely on antiquated technology when compared with newer solutions, poor speeds are to be expected if not guaranteed. The fastest speeds you can expect on an ADSL connection is 16Mbps upload, presuming you are very close to the roadside cabinet.

    High attenuation

    The further you are from the exchange, the slower your speeds will be. The same can be said for your building’s distance from the roadside cabinet. If you know that you are far from the exchange, you can guarantee you will achieve nothing like the maximum of up to 16Mbps speed.

    Contended line

    ADSL and ADSL2+ are contended, meaning you share the line with others. While this is acceptable if nobody else really uses the internet, it only takes a few users to use up all the bandwidth to make your internet exceptionally slow. ADSL speeds are slow even before contention is considered, so this is unsuitable for businesses using the internet for more than checking emails or browsing the internet.


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