Maintenance, aftercare and ongoing support

A working telephone system is an essential for the majority of businesses. Here at Optionbox, once we’ve installed your telephone system, we are still available to support you. We offer maintenance packages and aftercare once your telephone system is installed, so you’ll always have assistance if your system isn’t working properly.

We have a team of friendly, qualified engineers specialising in resolving telephone system issues and supporting our clients. We are capable of maintaining all the telephone systems that we install, no matter the manufacturer. For example, we can offer maintenance and support for our customers using NEC, Avaya and Panasonic phone systems.

If your telephone system wasn’t installed by Optionbox, we still have the capacity to provide problem resolution and support for your company. When it comes to telephony, you need a point of contact that can resolve issues reactively as quickly as they appear. We have certain SLAs depending on the type of cover that you choose, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to telephone system maintenance agreements.

Telephone System

What’s included?


Understanding your telephone system correctly is important. We offer training on all of the telephone systems that we provide.

Post-installation Support

Once your telephone system has been installed, we have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to you. This means that you have all the support you need, in terms of information and advice from our trained technicians.

Remote Support

Each member of our technician team understands your telephone system and is on hand to offer remote support as required. The remote support team can access your systems and fix problems or direct you over the phone. This ensures your phone system is operational again as quickly as possible.

On-site Support

If you need any assistance on-site with your telephone system, our technicians can come and assist you. Our trained team can arrive at your site quickly with or without prior booking, ensuring that your telephone system is repaired rapidly.


If your phone system or infrastructure requires any software updates, we will download and install the updates for you remotely.

Benefits of Telephone System Maintenance

The Optionbox engineers are fully manufacturer trained, enabling us to provide support for all of the telephone systems we install. Even if we didn’t install a telephone system for you, we can often support the telephone system that you do use.

The technicians at Optionbox are vastly experienced, having worked in telephony for years upon years. This allows us to offer technical support of the highest standard to our telephone system customers.

We understand how important it is that your telephone system is maintained, so we work to quickly fix any problems with your system. We don’t just respond to you quickly, we also work on your problem as soon as possible, aiming to fix your issue with minimal disturbance to your company.


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To discuss your telephone system maintenance requirements, give us a call today. A member of our friendly team will discuss your requirements with you and find the right maintenance package for your business. We can also perform a free, no-obligation IT security and maintenance review to make sure your IT security is as comprehensive as it should be.


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