Want up to £3,000 towards installing superfast business broadband?

Do you want a faster, more reliable internet connection?

The Connectivity+ Voucher can help towards the costs of:

Installing a superfast connection

Buying and installing the hardware required for connection

Buying the software required for connection

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    Helping businesses upgrade to superfast broadband

    Connectivity+ Vouchers offer a way for businesses to upgrade to high speed broadband by contributing to the costs usually involved. Your business can potentially benefit by having superfast, reliable, cost-effective, and future-proof broadband.

    The funding can be used by you to install a business grade internet connection with speeds of above 30Mbps. If your internet connection already supports download speeds of 30Mbps or more, this voucher should be used to double your existing speed.

    Up to £3,000 towards the cost of a fibre connection

    If you want between £500 and £3,000 of funding to be used towards the costs and installation of fibre broadband, book your consultation now.

    We’ll advise you free of charge and explain how you can apply for funding. The process couldn’t be any easier.


      Frequently asked questions

      Got questions? We’ve answered a selection of popular questions about the Connectivity+ Voucher scheme below.

      If we haven’t answered your question here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

      Am I eligible to receive funding?

      Your eligibility for funding depends on factors such as your location and the size of your business. To find out whether the Connectivity+ Voucher is available to you, contact us. We’ll help you find out if funding is available to your business and assist you in applying.

      Does the voucher just cover installation costs?

      The Connectivity+ Voucher scheme will cover more than installation costs, depending on the cost of installation. The voucher should also cover the costs of any hardware and software needed.

      Will installing a superfast connection require investment from me?

      The Connectivity+ Voucher is not matched funded. You may or may not have to contribute – this depends on the overall project cost and the award value.

      Will my new connection be future-proof?

      The government is committed to creating a full fibre Britain. Fibre circuits are completely future-proof, as fibre lines are far more reliable than copper.

      What do I have to do?

      The Connectivity+ Voucher is funded by the innovative Digital Enterprise support programme and we will explain how you can apply. If you are eligible, we will handle every other element of installing the new connection on your behalf, including purchasing any hardware and software we need to complete installation.

      How long is the scheme available for?

      The programme ends in August 2023. However, Connectivity+ Voucher availability is limited, so you must act fast to ensure you don’t miss out.

      How fast will my internet be?

      Connectivity+ Vouchers are intended to help businesses upgrade to higher speed business grade broadband, above 30Mbps. If your current download speed is above 30Mbps, then a new higher speed connection should double the broadband speed.

      How much will maintaining a fibre circuit cost compared to my current one?

      Maintaining a fibre circuit costs significantly less than maintaining a copper circuit, for numerous reasons. Fibre lines are significantly more reliable than copper circuits, so you will have business grade broadband you can rely on.


      What our customers say

      We have helped several businesses secure funding for fibre connections in recent times. We have a variety of success stories that you can explore in more detail on our testimonials page.

      Are you ready to secure funding for your business, or do you want your company to fall behind due to poor digital solutions?

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        How we make the process easy

        From start to finish we support you throughout the entire process, from advising on how you can apply for funding to installing your connection. After an initial availability check, we will book a consultation with you and assess your current broadband solution.

        When it comes to securing a voucher for your business, we’ll guide you throughout applying and assist you as much as possible. It couldn’t be easier to secure a brighter future for your business.

        Superfast speeds at no cost

        With help from the Connectivity+ Voucher, your business will gain a future-proof internet circuit at minimal cost with minimal work involved.

        As a result, demand for Connectivity+ Vouchers is high, so register your interest now. It is crucial that you secure funding for your business before it runs out.

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