Fibre and copper combined solution

FTTC is a connectivity solution that gets your business connected to the internet. Fibre to the cabinet is an upgrade over ADSL solutions, with significantly superior speeds to be expected. If you want an FTTC solution for your business, contact us today. Optionbox has an expert team of technicians that install FTTC lines quickly and cost-effectively, handling the entire process for you so that you can focus on your business.

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Fibre to the cabinet

A fibre to the cabinet internet circuit combines fibre optic cable with copper cable to create a circuit that has increased up and down speeds when compared with ADSL and ADSL2+. For this solution, fibre cabling runs from your local exchange point to the roadside cabinet. From this point, the data is transmitted over existing copper cabling to your premises.

Although connectivity is delivered using a copper line to your actual premises, the data only has to travel a small distance on a copper wire. With an ADSL solution, data having to travel so far on a copper wire causes speed attenuation. With FTTC, data travels over fibre lines for the majority of the distance and copper lines for a very short distance, meaning that speeds don’t degrade too severely.

Why choose FTTC?

Is fibre to the cabinet the best solution for your business?

Faster than ADSL

Fibre to the cabinet is significantly faster than an asymmetric digital subscriber line solution. While ADSL can expect down speeds of up to 16Mbps in most cases, FTTC users can expect down speeds of 80Mbps. The difference is undeniable and important for businesses that are uploading and downloading semi-regularly.


Despite being more advanced than an ADSL solution, FTTC internet circuits do not cost much more. This is a cost-effective option for businesses that need to download and upload documents and so on regularly. Fibre and copper cabling is usually already installed, meaning there are few installation costs that you need to consider.

Carried primarily over fibre

With an FTTC internet circuit, data from the exchange is carried on fibre optic cables. Data is carried to the roadside cabinet on optical fibre cabling and then transmitted over copper cables into your business premises. As data is carried over fibre to your property for the most part, it means you’ll enjoy superior speeds when compared with data carried over copper all the way from the exchange.

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Is FTTC the right choice?

Fibre to the cabinet might not be the best option for your business, depending on your requirements and some of the downsides of this internet circuit.

Contended line

Like all but the very best internet circuits, contention can be a problem with FTTC. Fibre optic cables run from the exchange to a node that serves a several customers. Contention can impact your broadband, resulting in you being unable to enjoy speeds of the ‘up to’ speeds 80 down and 20 up.

Lack of availability

While FTTC is typically widely available, it isn’t available everywhere in the UK. If you work in a rural area, your business might be based in an area where FTTC is unavailable. Contact us to find out if FTTC is available for your business.

Limited SLA's

As FTTC is a fairly standard broadband solution, there are limited SLAs in place. If your connection stopped working, it could be days or even weeks before restoration. If your business relies on your connection to the internet, any solution without SLAs in place are unacceptable.


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