FTTC infrastructure, enhanced speeds

If you are able to get a fibre to the cabinet internet circuit or you currently have fibre to the cabinet but you’re looking to upgrade, G.fast could be the solution that you are looking for. It is essentially an updated version of FTTC, offering superior speeds and better performance to some places across the UK.

If you want G.fast installed and maintained for your business, we can help you. Here at Optionbox, we can install and perform maintenance on internet circuits for you, offering you impressive speeds at an impressive price.

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What is G.fast?

The name G.fast is an acronym, with the letter G standing for the ITU-T G series or recommendations and fast standing for fast access to subscriber terminals. End users can potentially achieve speeds of up to 300Mbps down and 50Mbps up depending on loop length, whereas FTTC users can typically expect speeds of 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up.

G.fast internet circuits utilise the existing fibre to the cabinet network, which is available in the majority of the United Kingdom. By applying significantly higher frequencies than FTTC, the circuit offers faster broadband while using the existing fibre and copper lines. If businesses are located 500 meters or less from a roadside cabinet or a node, previous FFTC limitations are non-existent.

Why G.fast is a good circuit?

Faster than FTTC

If you currently have an ADSL and fibre to the cabinet solution, G.fast is much faster option. With speeds of up to 300Mbps and 50Mbps, it is well worth upgrading if faster speeds would be beneficial to your business.


G.fast is a cost-effective option for businesses looking for high speeds without the expense of installing new infrastructure. As G.fast utilises existing circuits, installation costs are kept to a minimum.

Uses existing FTTC infrastructure

If you already have FTTC or you know it’s available to you, it’s typically quick and easy to install G.fast. Since G.fast uses the existing FTTC infrastructure that is already in place (a circuit of fibre combined with copper), no extra circuits need to be created to enable your business to use G.fast.

Professional G.fast installation and maintenance

If you want G.fast for your business, we’re here to help you. Here at Optionbox, we’re experts when it comes to setting up internet circuits for businesses. We work with BT to provide a fast connection that you can rely on for business usage. Contact us today to discuss your options and we’ll do a free check to see if this circuit is available to you.

Is G.fast right for you?

G.fast isn’t always the right solution for businesses. There are also some negatives to consider.

Utilises copper lines

Compared with better business broadband solutions, G.fast has the disadvantage of utilising copper lines as part of its circuit. The main problem with copper lines is the longer the longer the copper line, the slower your connection to the internet. If you are fairly far from the roadside cabinet, even the FTTC enhancements that G.fast offers won’t provide you with good speeds.

Contended line

Along with the majority of cost-effective internet circuit options, G.fast solutions use contented lines. If everyone in your building is using FTTC or G.fast, you have to share the line and therefore bandwidth with them. If a business in the area is performing data-hungry tasks, your internet speeds will be poor.

Ineffective over long distances

If your building is quite a distance from the roadside cabinet, you won’t experience the ‘up to’ speeds that are advertised. As a G.fast solution uses copper wiring from the roadside cabinet, the further your building is away from the cabinet, the slower the speeds you will have.


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