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Here at Optionbox, we have the extensive skills and experience necessary to install and maintain leased lines for your business. Whether you are connecting two offices or simply want an assurance of quality, we can install leased lines that cater to your requirements.

£2500 towards your fibre internet circuit

You could be eligible to receive £2500 towards the costs of installing a fibre connection due to the gigabit broadband voucher scheme.

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    Leased Lines

    A leased line is an exclusive bidirectional or symmetric telecommunications circuit between two or more locations. A leased line is occasionally known as a private circuit or ethernet data line.

    Traditional telephone lines in the public switched telephone network differ from leased lines, as leased lines are typically not switched circuits. With a typical shared line, you share your line with other people. This can mean a lack of bandwidth for your business, which is far from ideal if you have a team of people requiring fast packet transfer regularly. Leased lines are exclusively for your use, meaning you rent a line for your business’s use alone and get the dedicated internet speeds you pay for 100% of the time.

    Leased Line Solutions

    Leased lines are typically used to create private networks, telephone networks, access the internet or a business’s extranet.

    Here are some of the ways leased lines can be used by businesses:

    Site to Site Data Transfer

    If data needs to be regularly transferred between 2 or more of your business’s sites, a leased line is ideal. A leased line between multiple locations allows for rapid, uninterrupted data transfer.

    Site to Network Connectivity

    If your business has high demands in terms of internet speed and traffic, site to network connectivity via a leased line gives your business direct connection to the network instead of having to share a line with other businesses. This offers superior packet switching speeds and an assured level of quality for your company.

    Site to Site PBX Connectivity

    A leased line allows businesses to bypass PSTN and allows for inter-site telephony. This is ideal for businesses with a large amount of voice traffic as it can reduce their bills significantly.

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    Leased Lines

    Key benefits

    Leased lines are a brilliant business internet circuit for a host of reasons. Here is a small selection.

    Dedicated Fibre

    A leased line is a fibre connection that is dedicated to you. In other words, this means that you are sharing your line with no other business or property. With virtually any other internet circuit, contention is a major problem. As a leased line is yours and yours alone, you don’t have to worry about sharing ever again.


    A leased line is for the sole use of your business. This means that it is completely uncontended, ensuring guaranteed speeds for your business at all times. Additionally, as a pure fibre connection, the speeds available are significantly when compared with the speeds you can achieve with any other type of internet circuit.

    Guaranteed Speeds

    With a leased line, speeds are guaranteed as part of a service level agreement. If you decide that you want speeds of 500Mbps, that’s what you’ll pay for and received. One of the main advantages of leased lines is that there are no ‘up to’ speeds, where you never know what speeds you’ll have on any given day. Instead, you’ll know what speeds your connection will provide at any time, no matter the day. 

    99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

    With most of the leased lines we offer, there is a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Ultimately, this means that your business can be online constantly, which is crucial for businesses with servers and so on that need a consistent and constant connection. If problems do ever occur the networks have specialist teams of engineers ready to deal with issues 24/7 365 days of the year. If you need the highest level of service level, a leased line is an essential. 

    Any Speed

    You have a lot of control over a leased line internet circuit. One of the things you have control over is the speeds available to you. With a leased line, you choose the speed that you want. As leased lines are capable of symmetrical speeds, you can have the same speed for downloading and uploading data. 


    Leased lines are truly business grade. If your business simply cannot operate without the internet and you have high demand, this is the circuit you need. Since leased lines are such a premium option, there are a wide range of service level agreements in place that offer complete peace of mind. For example, if you experience downtime with a leased line, you are likely to be entitled to compensation from your supplier for the disturbance. Additionally, if there is a problem with your leased line, your service level agreement will state that the problem will be fixed within 4 hours maximum.

    Premium Internet Circuits

    If you want the ultimate internet circuit that is certain to meet the requirements of your business, a leased line is perfect. As a private symmetric telecommunications circuit, you have a line dedicated to you leading to your building directly from the exchange. Speeds available range from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, enabling you to choose the best connection for your business.


    A leased line connection offers scalable speeds dependent upon which bearer is chosen. Optionbox advised on selecting the right product for your needs both for your current download requirements and future. A leased line is not only selected on the speed you require now but also the maximum download speed that can be accessed on that fibre connection in the future. That’s why it’s imperative existing usage and also future usage are taken into account when installing a dedicated fibre leased line

    Is a leased line suitable for my business?

    This dedicated fibre connection is a business essential if connectivity is crucial for your business. When you consider the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme contribution of up to £2500, choosing a leased line for your business is worth consideration.

    Work with Optionbox

    Optionbox offers flexible and affordable leased lines to businesses big and small, to help you strengthen your telecommunications with a plan that works for you. We’ll talk through your requirements to work out the speed, uses and number of locations that you need, before setting out a contract that ticks the boxes and sticks to your budget.

    Contact us to find out more about Optionbox leased line price plans. Discover how we can save money whilst improving communications within your business, now and into the future.


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