Finding the right Security Solution for your business

Here at Optionbox, we have a team of technical experts that can install and maintain a number of innovative security solutions for your business. You can achieve security for your company with our high-quality yet cost-effective solutions.

Whether you need CCTV or door access control, we can install and maintain suitable systems for you. As network experts, we can also create a network for your security solutions, interconnecting them all to offer full coverage and protection for you.

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    CCTV Solutions

    CCTV Solutions

    When it comes to the installation and maintenance of comprehensive CCTV solutions, we know what we’re doing. We have the skills and expertise to create CCTV networks that best suit the requirements of your business, ensuring that your property and employees are safe at all times.

    CCTV systems are useful in numerous ways. If a crime does take place, evidence can be captured using obtuse and obscure cameras. Additionally, visible CCTV can act as a deterrence to anyone who might be considering targeting your property.

    CCTV cameras come in a range of shapes and sizes. From cameras with infrared features to obscure cameras designed to catch criminals in the act, we are capable of installing numerous cameras to create a comprehensive security network for you.

    Door Entry Solutions

    With door entry solutions, you are able to control who has access to your building. All buildings have areas that only certain people are meant to access, which is why door entry solutions are so important.

    Whether you have existing door entry solutions that are no longer meeting your requirements or you are investing for the first time, we can install solutions that meet your particular requirements. We are approved installers of both Paxton and Bell System products, and we have our cost-effective door entry system.

    Door entry solutions are advantageous and superior to having a simple set of keys in numerous ways. Solutions increase security, can be managed from one dashboard and are cost-effective. Additionally, any access tokens can be activated and deactivated within a few moments, which is great if any device is lost or a new one needs to be activated quickly.

    Door entry solutions


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