Ensuring everyone’s always connected

Ensuring that all your employees can remain connected at all times is important, but nobody wants to be using their personal phone for business. By investing in business mobile, you can ensure that all of your employees are equipped with a device that they can use exclusively for business.

If you are interested in business mobile, here at Optionbox we can provide you with handsets and guarantee that they come with everything that you need. Business mobile devices can be used on virtually any network, meaning we can provide you with the very best deals on the market.

MultiNet Sim Card

A MultiNet SIM, also known as an ‘anywhere SIM’, is a business phone solution that allows you to connect to the strongest of a range of networks using a singular SIM card and the same number.

This is useful if your phone regularly suffers due to phone coverage black spots. Your SIM will automatically connect to the strongest network in any area, meaning you will be able to use your SIM 100% of the time no matter where you are without disruption.

Home, Office Desk Phone Convergence

Imagine how many phone calls you could be missing at the moment when you are away from your desk. With business mobiles, your office, home and desk phone calls can all be directed to your mobile device at scheduled times or ad hoc.

You can pick up the phone on any of your interconnected devices, meaning that you’ll never miss a phone call no matter where you are.


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Why use Business Mobile?

It’s likely that your employees all have smartphones. That doesn’t mean that providing them with business phones is a bad idea. Instead, there are some distinct advantages to be aware of.

Higher Productivity Offsite

If your business has employees working away from the office on a regular basis, they need a business mobile. With a business mobile, they can have access to their emails and everything else that they need to do their job right on their mobile device.

Remote Working

Without business mobiles, it is hard to allow people to work remotely. If a remote worker doesn’t have a work number, there can be a breakdown in essential communication. With business mobiles, you know that you will always be able to contact your remote workers quickly and effectively.

Remaining in Contact

To offer the highest level of service, it is always important to be able to remain in contact with your employees and customers. With business mobile phones, you and your employees are always available to your customers, regardless of where you are.


Phones on ALL networks

You can choose the network that you want your business phones on from a massive range. From O2 and Vodafone to EE, your phones can be on virtually any network of your choosing. Here is a small selection of the networks that you can choose from.


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