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Any Geographic Number For Any Sized Business

Here at Optionbox, we can source both geographic and non-geographic numbers for your business cost-effectively and quickly. Owning local numbers for your business, regardless of whether you have an office in the area, can help you to appeal to potential customers. Local numbers are typically trusted more than numbers from other areas, so it is advantageous for your business to have them.

Most people choose to call a business that is local, particularly if they are looking for services such as window cleaning or local transport where it would be advantageous to the customer for the service provider to be based in the same area. Geographical numbers can help build trust and a positive reputation for your business.

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    Geographic & non-geographic numbers

    Geographic Numbers

    A geographic number is a number where part of its digital structure contains numbers of local significance. For example, the first four numbers from the numbers in the United Kingdom Nation Telephone Numbering Plan indicate where the owner of the number is based.

    Your business can use geographic numbers to create the appearance of having an office in a particular area, even if your business actually has no presence there. For example, a Leeds business can have a geographical number for London, regardless of whether they have an office there. Potentially, this would mean more calls from London customers believing that the Leeds company were based in London or had offices in London.

    Non-Geographic Numbers

    Non-geographic numbers are not assigned according to a particular location. Instead, they are virtual numbers that can be used regardless of where a business is based in the UK.

    Non-geographic numbers can allow you to establish a presence in the UK regardless of where you are based. As these numbers are not assigned to certain locations in the UK, customers will not know where you are based.

    This can be advantageous if you want to have a national presence without investing in multiple geographic numbers.

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    Advantages of Geographic and Non-Geographic Numbers

    Both geographic and non-geographic numbers have many advantages. Here are a select few.

    Local presence without local office

    You can purchase geographic numbers for your business and then direct all calls to the same office – or even the same phone – meaning you don’t have to have an office in a particular area to have a presence.

    Location anonymity

    With non-geographic numbers, there is no suggestion in the digital structure of the numbers as to where a business is based. This means you can have the same number to establish a presence in every area of the UK, as customers will not be aware of where your office is.

    Calls directed to one or select group of devices

    You never know when you might receive an important call. Any of your numbers can be mapped to your main phone number, meaning you’re always on the receiving end of all the important calls.

    Track where the calls are coming from

    Data is crucial for businesses, particularly data such as where potential customers are based. With management software, you are able to track where customers are calling from and the number that they have called to reach you.


    Having virtual numbers in place is cost-effective, as it removes the need to have call centres and offices all over the country. Instead, you can have one central location that receives all the calls regardless of where the callers are located.

    Provide perfect customer service

    With robust call management software, you can enhance your customer service offerings. You can ensure that you are providing customer service that meets the high standards you want your business to set.


    Types of Non-Geographic Numbers

    03, 0800, 0808 and 0845 can all be used as main company numbers. This is beneficial for businesses that don’t want to use geographic numbers, as they have the option not to by choosing one of the aforementioned possible main company numbers.

    There are a range of non-geographic numbers offering similar functionality for businesses. However, they do differ slightly. Here are some of the main types of non-geographic number available and how they differ.

    080 (Freephone) Numbers

    0800 and 0808 are freephone numbers. This means that the caller can phone the number for free from landlines, mobile phones and payphones. These numbers are often used by businesses that want customers to phone them, hence why they make it free for potential customers to call. For free-to-caller numbers, the company that is receiving the call has to pay the cost of the call since the caller does not.

    030 Numbers

    030 numbers are reserved for public sector bodies and not-for-profit bodies. For example, a registered charity might use an 030 number.

    084/087/09 Numbers

    These are known as premium rate numbers. Call charges to these numbers are typically a per-minute charge. Charges differ between these numbers, but the charge is typically charged at the same rate regardless of which network the caller uses. The rate that the caller will be charged must be made explicitly clear.

    Cost-effective and flexible numbers

    We can source geographical and non-geographical numbers for your business at the best possible price. The numbers that we provide are flexible and there are options for directing calls to any number of your choice.

    Optionbox can provide you with call management software that empowers your business to enhance your presence and customer satisfaction. The call management software that we provide your business with gives you access to a range of useful services, such as:

    • Call Monitoring
    • Call Routing
    • Inbound Statistics
    • Virtual Number Management

    We work closely with you to select the perfect numbers and get your calls directed to the right place. Call us today or give us a few quick details by filling in the form below.



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