The Benefits of Business Mobile Phones

In a modern world, with more people than ever working away from their office desk, business mobile phones are more important than ever. Business mobiles are becoming such a necessary piece of equipment for businesses; just as necessary as desk phones for some businesses.

More businesses than ever are giving their teams the ability to work flexibly or work outside of the office altogether. Consequently, you need measures to ensure that your employees can work effectively no matter where they are working, whether they’re on the road or working at home. With business mobiles, you empower your employees to work to their best potential no matter where they are. And with the support of a partner like Optionbox, you can cost-effectively provision business mobiles for your team.

Here’s a brief overview of how a business mobile contract works and some of the advantages that you should be aware of.

How is a Business Mobile Contract Different?

Business mobiles are different to the type of contract that you will have on your personal phone in a couple of ways. First and foremost, business mobile contracts tend to be more cost-effective. This is simply because partners, such as ourselves, have established agreements with large providers to offer contracts very cost competitively. Secondly, the tariffs are more closely tailored to the requirements of a business. For example, having unlimited calls and a greater amount of data for a cheaper price.

Some businesses embrace BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device. BYOD can save your business money because your employees are using their own mobile phones. On the other hand, you run the risk of your employees becoming distracted by personal messages and calls.

Purchasing business mobile phones gives the flexibility of mobile without the risk of distractions.

With business mobile phones, all of the following are possible and are big benefits of equipping your team with mobile phones.

Work remotely

This is one of the key benefits of setting up your employees with business mobile phones. It gives them the means to work remotely but still remain in constant contact with other members of their team.

Access to important solutions no matter where they are

With a dedicated business mobile, your team are free to reply to emails no matter where they are.

Equip your employees with business mobile phones and they will have access to important solutions no matter where they are. For example, your employees can access and reply to their emails even if they aren’t sat at their desktop PC.

This is essential to maximising productivity and improving enquiry response times.

Better time management

Business mobiles can also help your team to organise their time better by having access to their calendar on the go so they can manage appointments, deadlines and meetings, as well as being able to set reminder alerts.

Business mobile phones can help your employees to work more productively and manage their time better. With a business mobile, your team can work no matter where they are and manage appointments that they have, for example. With a Unified Comms solution, your employees should be able to access things such as their calendar on the go. This enables them to manage appointments, ensure they meet deadlines, and keep in constant contact with colleagues.

Why Choose Optionbox?

We’re proud to be partnered with some of the UK’s best mobile network providers to bring you the best business mobile tariffs at competitive prices.

If you’re going to supply your team with business mobiles, you must ensure that you partner up with the right business. So why choose Optionbox?

We’re partnered up with the largest mobile network providers in the UK, which enables us to offer you the best possible tariffs at the best possible price. 97% of the time, we are able to beat the renewal quote you have been offered by your current business mobile partner.

Our business mobiles also work seamlessly with our business phone systems to ensure your business has exceptional communication.

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