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Benefits of Commercial Door Entry Systems

For every business, keeping their premises secure is crucial. A commercial door entry system is just one example of a technology that you can use to protect your building. A door entry system prevents people from accessing your building if they don’t have the authority. For example, a stranger off the streets can’t walk straight into your office. In this article, we’re exploring the main benefits of commercial door entry systems.

What Is A Commercial Door Entry System?

A commercial door entry system is essential for all businesses. A door entry system allows you to control who enters your site. A door entry system will usually act as a doorbell and an intercom. It will typically have a keypad or fob reader too, for people who already have permission to enter your site.

A door entry system will usually be installed on a door that can be reached by members of the public. For example, a door in your car park allowing entry to your building. Alternatively, door entry systems can be used internally to prevent people from accessing unauthorised areas. For example, you might have a biometric door entry system fitted to the door of your records room.

There are several types of door entry systems designed for commercial purposes. In some cases, an entry system might just be a keypad. Other types of system include video and proximity readers. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of door entry system.

Types of Door Entry System

There is a great range of door entry systems available. Some provide a greater level of security than others, and the types of system also vary greatly in price.

Audio Buzzer System

An audio buzzer system is perhaps the most common door entry system. With this unit, the visitor presses a button which connects them through to a handset or microphone in your building. This allows the person at the door and the person in your building to speak. Once the person on your site has verified the identity of the person at the door, they simply press a button. This releases the lock on the door and the person can then enter your site.

Image of an entry audio monitor featuring a microphone and a handset

Video Door Entry System

Video door entry systems are also widely used in locations where audio recognition alone isn’t good enough. A video door entry system has a camera built into it. The operator on your site can see the video feed to visually identify the person wanting entry to your building. Once the identity of the person has been confirmed, the operator simply presses a button and the lock on the door will release.


Biometric Door Entry System

Biometric door entry systems aren’t widely used, but they do provide the highest level of security to the sites they’re used on. A biometric door entry system will use fingerprints, handprints or retinas to confirm the identity of the person wanting to enter a site. If you were to use a biometric door entry system, you would have a database of approved people that can enter your site. When someone uses the biometric system, the system will automatically look at the database to find out whether the person trying to enter is approved for entry.

What Are The Benefits of Commercial Door Entry Systems?

Increases the Security of Your Property

The security of your property can be easily compromised if you don’t have a door entry system. If your employee drops their keys and they’re found by someone, the security you have in place is completely irrelevant.

With a door access control system, controlling who enters your building is so much easier. Whether you give your employees a card, a fob or a pin code, your building is secure. If cards or fobs are stolen or lost, they can be disabled with immediate effect. At this point, the fobs or cards stolen or lost are useless. They won’t enable access to your property.

Door access solutions are undoubtedly securer than keys. With a door entry system, you ensure only the people you want entering your building can enter.

Peace of Mind

Have you ever got home and realised you might have left the office unlocked? Have you ever had to travel back to the office as a result? These issues are non-existent when you have a commercial door entry system. Doors with access control lock automatically as they close; they won’t unlock again until a card, fob or pin code is used. You’ll never have to worry again that you didn’t lock up the office!

We can set door up with emergency situations in mind. For example, they can be set up to automatically unlock should a fire be detected. This is ideal, as it means your employees will evacuate in a timely manner without having to fumble with keys.

Different Access Levels

When considering GDPR, we know its crucial people only have access to sensitive areas as required. Your technician apprentice shouldn’t be able to access confidential financial information, after all. A comprehensive access control solution allows you to customise who can access certain areas internally.

Your supplier can customise your access control solution for you. You might trust your employees, but there is a certain level of control you should have in place.

Cheaper Insurance Premiums

If you have security measures in place, your insurance premiums may be cheaper. When getting quotes for your insurance, you are asked about your building’s security. If you give an accurate account of the security solutions in place, you may pay less for your insurance.

Door entry systems, access control and CCTV all act as deterrence to potential criminals. Your insurer knows this, so you’ll pay less.

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