As part of the government’s scheme to create a full fibre Britain, you could redeem a Gigabit voucher to contribute against the cost of a fibre connection. If you’re in a harder to reach part of the UK, you could be eligible for even more funding.



Fibre broadband connections offer the fastest and most reliable speeds available, with speeds typically far superior to copper connections. The government are fully committed to installing fibre everywhere across Britain. As a result, the government have launched a scheme called Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. This scheme is part of the Local Full Fibre Networks programme, which has the long-term objective of increasing full fibre coverage across the entirety of the UK.

Gigabit broadband vouchers are a one-off contribution towards the costs of installing a full fibre connection for small and medium sized businesses, as well as residential customers looking to enjoy truly superfast download and upload speeds.

This programme began in 2017. After massive success for the initial wave of the scheme, the government has committed to a long-term goal to have fibre broadband easily accessible everywhere in the UK, moving businesses and homeowners from copper connections that no longer meets the needs of people.

This £67 million scheme offers Gigabit vouchers to small businesses and local communities to contribute towards the costs of installing fibre lines to replace old copper wires.

£2500 Towards the cost of your connection

Could you be eligible to receive £2500 towards the costs of installing a gigabit connection for your property? Book a consultation to find out more.

    What’s a Gigabit Connection?

    Despite approximately 95% of the UK speeds of 24 megabits per second or more, most superfast connections are still relying on copper telephone wires. These wires have been used for many years without any advancement, meaning that they are limited to certain speeds in a way that fibre connections are not.

    For the fastest, most reliable broadband, a full fibre connection is needed. 1 gigabit is the equivalent of 1000 megabits, meaning a huge jump in connection speeds. These speeds are massively beneficial for businesses that need to do a lot of uploading and downloading on a daily basis.

    Most connections allow for faster downloading than uploading. Often the megabits per second differ greatly between download and upload speeds. Full fibre has the capabilities to support symmetrical connections, meaning identical download and upload speeds. For a company that uploads as much as it downloads, this could be a distinct benefit.

    How big a contribution?

    Many businesses have considered fibre but ended up deciding that it is simply too costly. However, with a Gigabit voucher, installing fibre lines has never been cheaper.

    Businesses interested in a gigabit-capable connection can claim up to £2,500 towards the cost of installation. This can be individually or as part of a group.

    Residents of small communities can claim up to £500 against the cost of installation as part of a group project.

    All in all, this means that your business has the opportunity to enjoy fibre broadband without the usual full expense.

    Harder-to-reach Places: The government is committed to transforming our networks from copper to fibre everywhere in the UK – even harder to reach places.

    If it is decided by the government that you live in a location that is difficult to reach, you may be eligible to extra funding towards the costs of a fibre connection installation.

    £2500 towards the cost of a fibre connection

    You might be eligible to receive £2500 towards the costs of installing a fibre connection for your business. To find out more, book your free, no-obligation consultation.

      The supplier’s role

      To claim a voucher as part of the gigabit broadband voucher scheme, you don’t have to communicate directly with the government. The supplier that you choose to install your fibre connection actually handles all of the communication with the government from the beginning of the process to the end, with you simply having to confirm that you are happy for the process to begin and you are content with the end product.

      The value of your voucher will go towards the costs of installing a full fibre connection, so the supplier handles the procurement and redemption of the voucher for you.

      How do the vouchers work?

      If you are eligible for the scheme, you do not have to contact the government directly. Instead, you can contact a supplier – such as Optionbox – who will procure the voucher from the government for you.

      We are one of a group of selected suppliers that are eligible to redeem a voucher against the expenses of installing your new fibre line. Here’s 6 step process demonstrating how you could save thousands on the installation of a new fibre line near your offices.

      Step One: Find A Registered Supplier

      Finding a registered supplier is easy. Once you have found a registered supplier, sign up for a gigabit capable connection (fibre).

      Step Two: Supplier Requests Voucher

      Once you have signed up for a gigabit capable connection, we will request a voucher from the government on your behalf. The government will contact you to confirm that you are happy for works to take place.

      Step Three: Construction Begins

      After we receive confirmation that you are eligible to receive a voucher, we can commence the process of installing your gigabit capable connection.

      Step Four: Confirmation of Installation

      After your gigabit capable connection is installed, we make contact with the government to let them know.

      Step Five: Live and Working Checks

      Once we’ve informed the government that your connection is active. They’ll contact you via email to check that your service is live and working. Occasionally, they will make further checks before allowing us to redeem your gigabit broadband voucher.
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      Take the leap – secure fibre for your business

      You could be able to receive £2500 off the installation costs of a fibre line for your business. Don’t hesitate – find out if you’re eligible now.