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If your business is always online, you need a broadband solution that doesn’t slow you down. Fibre to the premises is an internet circuit that provides impressive speeds at an impressive price. Here at Optionbox, we have expert technicians that can help you get up and running with a fibre to the premises internet circuit that keeps your business connected at all times.

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Fibre to the premises

FTTP stands for fibre to the premises. Unlike FTTC, which means fibre to the cabinet, there is a fibre connection straight to your business. Whereas FTTC has fibre connection to the roadside cabinet and then copper to your business, this solution sends the fibre straight to your doorstep.

Fibre to the premises is far more suitable for businesses of any size than the majority of other internet circuits, such as ADSL and FTTC. Unlike those solutions, FTTP can offer high speeds over any distance. This is the cheapest solution where your distance from the exchange has no impact on the speeds that you enjoy.

FTTP for business

A business can choose any internet circuit. However, FTTP is one of a select few options that will truly meet the requirements of a small or medium sized business. If your business uses the internet a lot as part of its operations, FTTP or a greater solution is a must.

Whether your business has significant internet requirements or simply needs it to answer emails and so on, fibre to the premises is one of the best options.

Is FTTP available to you?

FTTP could be the perfect solution for your business if you require the internet to operate and therefore require high speeds and certain service level agreements. Is FTTP available to you? We can perform a check for you, free of charge and with no obligation. Simply give us a call or fill in the form below and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

Why is FTTP a good circuit?

Certain SLA's

Fibre to the premises is one of a few truly business-grade internet circuits. Some businesses that choose this circuit will rely on the business to operate, which is why the few SLAs in place are so important. For example, if your fibre connection suddenly stops operating, service level agreements guarantee that there will be a fix within a certain amount of time; if not, you could be entitled to compensation.


Since fibre to the premises is such an advancement over internet circuits such as ADSL, FTTC and G.fast, you might expect it to be very expensive. However, for businesses FTTC is an affordable solution. Depending on requirements and supplier, FTTP is usually priced at less than £100 per month for speeds of up to 1000Mbps!

Excellent ‘up to’ speeds

With an FTTP internet circuit, speeds of up to 1Gbps down and 200Mbps up can be achieved. These speeds are far superior to options such as FTTC and G.fast. If your business is regularly uploading and downloading files, this internet circuit could meet your requirements.

Is FTTP the right choice for you?

Should you invest in a fibre to the premises internet circuit for your business?

Contended line

As with all but one major internet circuit, FTTP is contended. This means that other businesses near to yours may use the same fibre connection. Unfortunately, this can impact the speeds your connection will achieve. If you like the thought of fibre to the premises but want an uncontended line with guaranteed speeds, could a leased line suit your business better?

Lack of availability

As one of the latest internet circuits to hit the market, fibre to the premises suffers from a lack of availability. FTTP is only available in some of the most highly populated areas in the UK, meaning that if you are located in a rural area it might not be available to you.

No guaranteed speeds

Fibre to the premises internet circuits can achieve speeds of up to 1Gbps down and 200Mbps up. However, how many businesses actually enjoy these speeds? Fibre to the premises circuits are contended and usually have few SLAs. ‘Up to’ speeds guarantee nothing, so don’t expect your connection to achieve these speeds.


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