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Small Office Phone Systems: Your Flexible and Future-Proof Options

If you are looking into a small office phone system for your business, selecting the most appropriate solution can be difficult. You must consider several factors when choosing a telephone system, which can be challenging when you have a business to run.

In this article, we are going to look at everything you need to consider when choosing a telephone system for your office.

Small Office Phone Systems: Your Main Options

The right telephone system will help your business to grow. If you choose the wrong telephone system, you might end up searching for a replacement.

Your main options are:

– Cloud-based VoIP systems
– On-premises systems (PBX)
Mobile-based systems

What Is A Cloud-Based VoIP System?

A cloud-based VoIP system is hosted in the cloud, so you don’t need a physical phone system on-site. The only difference between VoIP and an on-site phone system is that one is hosted in the cloud and one requires on-site hardware.

A cloud-based phone system is usually the best choice for small businesses. It is more affordable than any other solution and offers greater flexibility.

What Is an On-Premises PBX System?

Traditional PBX systems are usually chosen by larger businesses requiring a dedicated system on-site. A PBX allows your business to have more phones than physical phone lines, making it cheaper than a more traditional solution.

A PBX phone system is the best option for a big business. It is a better solution for businesses that want hundreds of telephones on their internal system.

What Is A Mobile-Based Phone System?

A mobile-based telephone system is a solution that replaces the typical desk phone. It allows you to utilise a mobile phone that switches seamlessly between networks.

If you and your employees are always on the move, choose a mobile-based solution. You can make and answer calls no matter where you are in the country.

Why Choose A Cloud-Based VoIP System?

A cloud-based system offers far more flexibility than a on-premises solution. You can answer calls from your desk phone, computer and mobile. VoIP’s adaptability is the perfect small office phone system.

Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy with a VoIP system:

– A multitude of call management features
– An online portal for managing your system
– Cost-effective and cheaper than other options
– Future-proof

A Multitude of Call Management Features

A VoIP system does everything that a traditional phone system does. It also has a variety of call management features that traditional systems don’t have.
A VoIP system offers call management features such as:

– Call forwarding
– Call notify by email
– Call recording
– Do not disturb
– Schedules
– Call queue groups
– Call transfer
– Hunt groups
– Remote office

With all these call management features, you can create an efficient phone system that eases the pressure on your team and enhances your customer relations.

An Online Portal for Managing Your System

Your VoIP system can be managed through an online portal, accessible from anywhere. Through the portal, you can manage every element of your system, from creating hunt groups to forwarding your main number.

Cost-Effective and Cheaper Than Other Options

A VoIP telephone system is hosted in the cloud, so you need not purchase any hardware to use your system. All you need with a VoIP system is handsets and a router. Maintaining a VoIP system is cheaper than maintaining a traditional system since all upgrades are done in the cloud rather than on-site.


You can add new users to your VoIP system as your business grows. Your business is growing, and your phone system will grow alongside it. With a VoIP system, you only pay for what you need. You can add new features as your business grows, making this a truly future-proof solution.

Why Choose an On-Premises Phone System (PBX)?

An on-premises phone system is still the best option for some businesses. An on-premises phone system can use both traditional and IP technology, making it a powerful system that can help your business succeed. With an on-premises phone system, you can cut costs and improve the service you offer over the phone.

No Reliance on An Internet Connection

Depending on how an on-premises phone system is set up, you won’t have to rely on your internet connection to use your telephone system. If your internet connection drops, you will have a working telephone system regardless.

One of the biggest drawbacks on a typical VoIP system is if your internet connection goes down, you lose your telephone system. Now, VoIP systems are often installed with a fail over. This means if your internet connection experiences any difficulties, the fail-over will keep your phone system working.

No Monthly Costs

A VoIP telephone system has monthly licencing fees, so if you had a large system this could prove costly. While an on-premises telephone system has a significant upfront cost, there are typically no monthly licencing fees regardless of the number of telephones as part of your system. After a few years, it is likely that your investment will be paid off if you have many phones.

Total Control Over Your System

You have complete control over an on-site telephone system. Making changes to the system can be done easily if you have personnel with the technical knowledge at your disposal. If you have a team capable of maintaining your telephone system, they will be able to complete updates and add new features as they become available.

Why Choose A Mobile-Based Phone System?

A mobile-based telephone system is just that–a telephone system that you can use on the go.

A mobile-based telephone system isn’t fixed to one location. You can use it wherever you are. If you are always on the move, this is the perfect telephone system for your business.

Answer Business Calls Anywhere

No matter where you are in the UK, you can answer business calls when you create a mobile-based phone system. You can direct your business numbers to any mobile device so you can answer them on any device.

No Hardware Needed

For a mobile-based phone system, you only need mobile phones. You won’t require any other hardware to establish your telephone system. Everything is managed through an online portal, so you can make changes on the go no matter where you are on any day.

Cost-Effective for Small Businesses

A mobile-based phone system is usually the most cost-effective solution for small businesses. There are little upfront costs and you pay for the rest of the costs monthly, making it more affordable for small businesses that cannot afford large upfront investment.

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