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    Cost-effective and reliable telephony solutions

    Here at Optionbox, we have a number of telephony solutions for businesses in Yorkshire. Whether you want an innovative VoIP system or geographic numbers that offer you a local presence, we can help you.

    We offer VoIP systems that come equipped with high-quality cloud-based call management software, business mobiles with cost-effective contracts, telephone system maintenance that ensures your phones are always operational, and geographic and non-geographic numbers.

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      VoIP Telephone System

      We provide Yorkshire businesses with the latest VoIP technology, a telephone system that allows your employees to work more productively while saving money at the same time.

      No matter the size of your business, we can provide a voice over internet protocol solution that meets your requirements. With cloud-based call management software included, you will be provided with a flexible telephone system that works for your business.

      Business Mobile

      Stop using personal phones and phone contracts for business purposes and invest in business mobiles. By investing in business mobile, you can ensure your employees are equipped with a device solely for business use.

      We can provide you with handsets and business contracts on virtually all major networks, from O2 to Three.

      Business mobiles can come with MultiNet SIMs, which allows connection to a range of different networks to guarantee constant coverage. Additionally, home and office desk phone convergence is also possible.

      Telephone System

      Telephone System Maintenance

      An operational telephone system is a business essential. We offer telephone system maintenance, which means that you’ll have assistance when your phones aren’t working as they should.

      Our team of friendly engineers specialise in resolving issues with telephone systems both onsite and remotely. No matter the manufacturer, if we installed your telephone system we are capable of maintaining it for you.

      We solve issues proactively as we become aware of them and reactively as you contact us requesting assistance. Depending on the type of cover that you select, we have certain SLAs in place that mean you can rely on us to fix your system in a timely manner.

      Geographic and Non-Geographic Numbers

      We can source and secure geographic and non-geographic numbers for your business quickly and cost-effectively. There are many benefits to owning both types of number, such as the ability to establish trust in your target markets.

      A geographic number is a number where part of its structure contains numbers of local significance. For example, a Leeds number will begin with 0113 in most cases. With a local number, whether you are based in the area or not, you can establish trust.

      Non-geographic numbers are virtual numbers that can be used regardless of where your business is based. If you don’t want customers to know your location, you would use a non-geographic number that doesn’t show where you are based.



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