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    Which Internet Circuit is Best for Your Business?

    Here at Optionbox, we can install and maintain all of the internet circuits offered by BT. Whether you want a simple internet connection, or your data-hungry company requires something more substantial, we have the connection for you.

    The internet circuits that we offer are cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes, whether you are a start-up or an established business with hundreds of employees. No matter your requirements, we have the capabilities to find the right internet solution for your business.

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    We understand choosing the right internet circuit is important. Book your free, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert team who will assess your requirements and advise you on the best circuit for you.

      Leased Line

      A leased line is a private symmetric internet circuit that is also sometimes known as a private circuit or ethernet data line. Leased lines are usually used by businesses that are constantly downloading and uploading a large amount of data. Leased lines are fibre optic cables run directly from the exchange to your property, with no contention at all.

      A leased line has guaranteed symmetrical speeds of any speed, depending on what you decide. You can have speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps depending on the requirements of your business. As these speeds are symmetrical, your upload speed will be the same as your download speed.

      If you want the best of the best when it comes to internet connections, a leased line is for you. A leased line is shared with no business, with speed guarantees and SLAs part of your contract with your supplier. Fibre leased lines also enjoy the benefits of having guaranteed SLA’s with assurances over fix times and uptime which are generally not offered on lesser products.

      Wireless Leased Lines

      A wireless leased line offers leased line speeds without the hassle of installing the wiring. A wireless leased line simply requires a clear line of sight between the broadcasting mast and your building.

      Wireless leased lines use our line of sight technology. If your building is visible from the Optionbox mast, you can enjoy leased line speeds, with all the massive benefits of leased line connections, wirelessly.

      A wireless leased line requires no planning, construction expenses or involvement of BT; it simply requires a wireless connection between our mast and your building. This means a dramatically reduced cost for the same performance. For example, our wireless leased line solution can offer speeds of up to 2Gbps. Providing your visible from our mast, your wireless leased line could be ready in mere days rather than weeks or months.

      Optionbox offer free wireless surveys using our own access equipment and cherry picker ensuring surveys and free of charge and installation costs kept to a minimum.


      The letter G in stands for the ITU-T G series of recommendations. Fast is an acronym for fast access to subscriber terminals. is essentially an improved version of fibre to the cabinet, with significantly superior download and upload speeds. Typically, the end user of a network can achieve speeds of 300Mbps download and 50Mbps upload. is available on the existing fibre optic cable and copper cable infrastructure used by FTTC internet circuits, meaning you can upgrade without additional expenditure. Higher speeds are achieved by fitting an extra device to the roadside cabinet, which increases the speed at which the connection travels down the copper cable.

      This fast solution is perfect for businesses that want FTTP but can’t have it due to the area that their facilities are based in. It is slightly more cost-effective than some of the superfast broadband solutions on offer, but there are no speed guarantees in place.


      FTTP stands for fibre to the premises. Unlike fibre to the cabinet, fibre optic cable runs directly to your business from the exchange with this solution. There is no transfer to copper cable at the roadside cabinet. Instead, this connection runs directly into your property.

      If your business is located in an area that is FTTP enabled, you will be able to experience speeds of 1Gbps down and 80Mbps up. Unfortunately, this solution is not available in all areas. This means that you might not be able to gain access to this solution.

      FTTP is one of the fastest, most stable connections available, with download speeds up to 1Gbps. However, it is important to remember that you cannot enjoy these speeds all the time. The line is still contended, meaning that fluctuations in usage can cause congestion and as such speeds to drop.

      Free, No-Obligation Advice

      We know how important it is that you choose the right internet circuit for your business now, rather than further down the line. We offer free, impartial advice that can help you to make the right decision.



        ADSL stands for asymmetric digital subscriber line. This is one of the most popular forms of connection in the UK, with the majority of households using an ADSL connection.

        ADSL broadband is provided over existing telephone lines, meaning extra copper do not have to be installed for an asymmetric digital subscriber line broadband connection.

        ADSL can be excruciatingly slow when compared with some of the other internet circuits on this page. Especially for businesses with multiple devices or that are unfortunate enough to be a long way away from their local telephone exchange, as the biggest determining factor to how fast the broadband connection performs is its distance over the Copper line. It can provide a quality connection that’s reliable for businesses who don’t rely on the internet heavily or where no viable alternatives exist.


        FTTC stands for fibre to the cabinet. While not as popular as ADSL in the UK at the moment due to lots of heavily populated business areas not being served by this technology yet, it is still a popular connection for businesses looking to achieve speeds superior to asymmetric digital subscriber line technology (standard broadband).

        FTTC combines fibre optic cable and copper cable to create a solution that has increased down and up speeds when compared with ADSL. For this solution, fibre optic cable runs from the exchange to the roadside cabinet. From this distribution point, a copper line is used to deliver connectivity to the business premises.

        FTTC is faster than an ADSL connection, with speeds increased due to the connection not traveling on a copper line for a substantial distance (as is the case with ADSL). While FTTC solutions do not have guaranteed speeds, you can expect download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps. This solution is typically more suitable for businesses with multiple devices connecting to the internet.


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